The Story – Chapter 4 – Deliverance

Chapter 4 of The Story is based on Exodus chapters 1-18. Included in these chapters are the great stories of the call of Moses, the 10 plagues, the Passover and Exodus, and the journey to Mt Sinai. Exodus 16: 1-11 tells the story of God’s provision of bread (manna) in response to the grumbling of the people. Here we see how the mighty work of God seen in the Exodus is soon forgotten, and the people repeatedly put God to the test. They still wonder if he will be there for them the next time they are in trouble. This week we will celebrate communion together, and “remember and believe” that the provision of a Savior was and is our Exodus, the one who provided for us at the cross, and provides for us each day as well. Doesn’t that make our grumbling seem kind of petty?

Here’s an audio file of the sermon if you missed it or want to hear it again.

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