The Story Fort Collins Week 31: The End of Time

This Sunday at Immanuel:  Chapter 31The End of Time

The last words on the last page, or the final frame of the movie announces “THE END”. Time to put the book down or get up and walk out. Show’s over! The Story is done.

37 weeks ago we began reading, discussing and worshipping around The Story of the Bible. 21 weeks in the Old Testament Story. 10 weeks in the New Testament Story. In the end we see that it was always one story, a 2000 year story of God’s good creation, our fall, and our redemption through Jesus Christ. The story to end all stories, meaning, the best story and the upper story in which all lower  stories find their meaning.

In the beginning God told us a story of goodness and beauty, a creation spoken into existence which he desired to love and people with whom he longed to commune.

In the end, God’s purpose finds fulfillment in a creation fully restored and a people with whom he will commune into eternity. Eden restored! Hallelujah!

We believe our ending in Christ is but another beginning, a beginning now without end.

John, a disciple of Jesus, now in his last days on earth, is given a revelation by Jesus to share with God’s children then and now. A revelation that proclaims hope and victory to all who find themselves in turmoil, while they seek first his kingdom while yet on earth.

John’s epic word to us all is CELEBRATE! The Lamb of God has won the day. Evil is defeated! Those who walk with Jesus live and reign with him. It is in this spirit, in in this truth that we face each day, each challenge, each opportunity to serve our Lord in word and deed.

This Sunday we worship, we feast and we celebrate.

Thanks be to God!

Pastor John

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