The Story Fort Collins Week 29: Paul’s Mission

This Sunday at Immanuel:  Chapter 29Paul’s Mission

As we near the end of The Story, I am throwing you a curve (sorry for the baseball analogy). Chapter 29 of The Story covers Acts 13-20, the story of Paul’s 3 mission tours, and then his trials in Caesarea by the Roman Governors Felix and Festus (great names).  The chapter also includes some of Paul’s letters to the churches. Chapter 30 of The Story covers Paul’s trip, by ship, to Rome as well as  more of his writing to the churches.

Here’s the curve: this Sunday my message will be on Acts 27 and 28, the incredible story of Paul’s trip to Rome. This is Luke at his best! His description is filled with intrigue and nautical details. Luke is telling us an upper and lower story with inspirational brilliance. It resembles a captain’s log, and yet is rich in metaphor for any person wondering what the Christian life is all about. Paul’s faith and courage under fire will inspire and challenge us to deepen our commitment to stay the course and finish well, all to the glory and praise of God.

Next Sunday the message will look at the letters of Paul to the churches, particularly Romans, Ephesians and Galatians.

Pastor John

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