The Story Fort Collins Week 30 All Things Made New

This Sunday at Immanuel:  Chapter 30All Things Made New

Two weeks ago I went off course a bit (pun intended) and gave a message on Paul’s Journey to Rome. Luke’s thrilling telling of that story encourages all who find life’s journey difficult, to stay the course, trusting in Christ, offloading everything that hinders our walk with Christ.

This Sunday I am preaching from Paul’s letter to the church at Ephesus. Paul wrote to 7 churches (or groups of churches). I love them all but have always found Ephesians to be a letter that sums up everything Paul was inspired to write about God’s plan (or “Story”) which led up to Christ Jesus and continues in the lives of his body, the church.

Each Sunday we gather to hear God speak to us out of his word. Millions of sermons preached Sunday after Sunday around the world. But at its core, what is it that Paul, or you or I, would say is the heart of the story? What is the main message Paul brings in his writings? I have asked God to guide me in proclaiming that message this week. Ephesians is my source document. The Holy Spirt is my guide and inspiration. Read and re-read Ephesians if you can. Then come and worship!

Pastor John

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