The Story Fort Collins Week 25: Jesus, Son of God

This Sunday at Immanuel:  Chapter 25:  Jesus, Son of God

Chapter 25 of The Story continues to examine the life and ministry of Jesus. One of the stories is about Jesus at the Festival of Tabernacles, one of 3 major festivals of God’s people in the Old Testament through the 1st century when Jesus lived. This festival was held in the fall (late September) and was a time to remember God’s provision of food and water during the time of the Wandering after the people of Israel left Egypt. For centuries they celebrated this great festival by also giving thanks for the recent harvest and praying for the rains to come again so that the next harvest would also be bountiful. John 7 tells us that Jesus appeared during the festival at just the “right time” to present himself as the “Living Water” that God was providing who would nourish not only their crops but also their lives. Deserts long for water, as do people who face the desert experience of spiritual, relational and physical thirst long to nourish an empty soul or spirit. This Sunday’s worship will lead us into God’s promise that in his Son we indeed find the living water that can and does satisfy like nothing else. The River is Here!

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