The Story Fort Collins Week 21: Rebuilding the Walls

This Sunday at Immanuel:  Chapter 21: Rebuilding the Walls

Chapter 21 of The Story covers the rebuilding of the temple, city walls and worship of the Jewish people between 540 and 440 BC, following their release from captivity in Babylon. It was tough going, facing challenges of poverty, limited resources and opposition from their new neighbors. But they persevered and 100 years after they returned the temple was built, the walls repaired and the people worshipped God with a passion similar to that expressed at Mt Sinai. With these books (Ezra and Nehemiah) the story of the OT comes to a close. During the past 21 weeks we have covered all of the historical books of the Old Testament and next week we begin the story of God’s new covenant which comes to us in his son, Jesus Christ. This week’s message will focus on the grand celebration of the people when Ezra reads to them from God’s Word and they hear it as if it was for the very first time. The celebration that followed lasted a full week. Our worship this week is inspired by this great story.

Introduction to the books of Ezra and Nehemiah:

Pastor John

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