The Story Fort Collins Week 18 Daniel in Exile

Chapter 18 of The Story is dedicated to the well loved story of Daniel. It is a book worth reading. The first 6 chapters include the stories of Daniel living in exile during the time of the Babylonian and Persian kingdoms. God uses him (and his friends) to speak to the kings by interpreting their dreams and other strange events. God also rescues them when others seek their harm. God’s people wondered how to live during a time of judgment, away from the temple and the land of promise and covenant. Daniel answers that question simply and confidently: no matter how “hot the fire” or “fierce the lion”, we never, ever, ever break our promise to love and serve God Most High. God first – God always. A tough lesson that Israel had not yet learned. Daniel prefigures Jesus Christ in that he remained faithful to God even when the cost of faithfulness appeared to be life itself.

Pastor John

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