Immanuel Fort Collins The Story Week 16: The Beginning of the End

Chapter 16 of The Story is based in II Kings 17-20. I encourage everyone to read those 4 chapters from the Bible in preparation for Sunday’s Message.

The Northern Kingdom of Israel is defeated and deported by the Assyrian nation. Chapter 17 gives us God’s reasons for allowing this defeat of his covenant people. It is a excellent summary of what we have learned so far in The Story. God keeps his promises and expects the same from his people. We then turn to a mocking threat by King Sennacherib of Assyria against the Southern Kingdom of Judah, taunting their trust in Yahweh as being a false hope. King Hezekiah seeks the counsel of the prophet Isaiah who prophecies that Yahweh will send a “report” that will cause the Assyrian king to turn around, sparing the people of Judah. In this story we see the “awfulness” of God’s wrath against sin, and the mercy of God displayed in his covenant faithfulness to those who turn to him as their only hope.


Pastor John

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