The Story Fort Collins Week13 The King Who Had It All

Chapter 13 of The Story is about King David’s son, Solomon, the third king of Israel. His story is told in 1 Kings 1-11. Solomon asked God for wisdom, and God gave him wisdom, wealth and honor. He wrote many proverbs and songs, and the Bible tells us he spoke extensively about plant and animal life. Solomon, we are told was the wisest and wealthiest man on earth. God established his kingdom and Solomon’s influence was known far and wide. He also built God’s temple and a royal palace and dedicated everything to God. His prayer at the dedication of the temple demonstrates his dependence on God and is a plea for mercy for the times when God’s people fall into sin. At the end of Solomon’s life he falls away from God and worships the gods of his many wives. God turns away from him and removes 10 tribes from his kingdom, but because of God’s promise to David, God leaves him with the tribe of Judah (and later Benjamin).

For further background information on the book of I Kings, please follow this link: http://


Pastor John

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