The Story Week 10  Saul: Standing Tall, Falling Hard

Saul is another of the Bible “colorful characters”. His story is found in I Samuel 9-15. I hope you take time to read these 7 chapters before Sunday. For extra credit read chapters 1-8.

Saul does many things right and is chosen and favored by God. But on several occasions, he took matters into his own hands and went ahead without God’s blessing and without listening. Sounds like someone I know quite well.

Was Saul a success or a failure? Both, I think, as am I. But God loved and used Saul in his kingdom, and by God’s grace, he uses you and me.

God continues the Redemption Story in spite of our failures, because he knows that ultimately it is his greater Son that will finally carry out his plan with a perfection he has longed for all these years.

God responds to Saul’s failings with the provision of a king “after God’s own heart”. God responds the same way after the long series of kings that end up mostly following their own ways. God sends the Son of David who is the King of Kings. It is his birthday next month.

For further background information on the book of I Samuel, please follow this link: http://

Pastor John   

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