The Story Fort Collins Week 8

Chapter 8: A Few Good Men……and Women

This week our focus in the story is on the book of Judges. The 12 judges (leaders) of Israel delivered the people from the oppression of “raiders” (local tribal nations in the land of Canaan).

Judges 2:6 through 3:6 is an excellent summary of the entire book. Samson, the last of the 12 judges, is the most colorful judge. His exploits with 3 Philistine women complicate God’s desire to use him to deliver the Israelites from the allure of Philistine culture. This Sunday’s message is based on chapter 14, which includes a riddle told by Samson at his wedding to a Philistine women from Timnah. The answer to both Samson’s and the Philistine’s riddle solves not only a simple common folk riddle but reveals the very heart of God. Did you solve it? A reading of Judges 13 through 16 will provide helpful perspective on the life of Samson.

Pastor John

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