SonSurf Day 5

The Beach is closed.  I say that with some joy and sadness.  Yesterday was so much fun.  It was a day of celebration including Jesus ascension into heaven!  We have a Mondo God!  WOOT WOOT-What a perfect ending.  We let the kids take the lead and sing on stage and pick the songs. They raised 227 dollars for Ensenada, Mexico that’s a lot of paint.   We ask for continued prayers as now we have taught the children to go out and tell others about Jesus.  They have answered Big questions and have a Big task before them; but children never cease to amaze me with what they can do.  We will now sit back and see the handiwork of God.  Just like the double rainbow we could see at the dinner Thursday night.  Thanks to all those that have made this possible you are all an answer to so many prayers.  Now we look forward to 2012 Son Rise National Park!  If you want to see our plan for next year go to

See you next year we plan to have a cool, cool summer!

Lifeguard Renee’ ( Ranger Renee’ hmm I have always wanted to be a parks ranger)


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