Abigail reminds David of the Better Way

This Week at Immanuel

This coming Sunday the message is based on I Samuel 25. David asks Nabal for some provisions for his men but Nabal refuses. While seeking revenge Nabal’s wife, Abigail, prepares a gift of food urging David not to act foolishly. David receives her gift of food, and the greater gift of the “good news” that he is not the sum of his anger over being rebuffed, but he is a child of God, with a God-given purpose to his life. Abigail becomes for David an symbol of the beauty of God himself, who comes to us with the gift of a new identity, rooted in him, not rooted in our situations. We need to face life’s “foolishness” not with “foolishness” of our own, but with words and actions that arise out of the new heart given us by God. Beauty overcomes ugliness. The essence of beauty is the suffering Christ, whose beauty shines forth in his scars. Abigail reminds David of the better way, the beautiful way of not returning evil for evil, but remaining in word and deed, the person God said you are, chosen, with kingwork to do, out of a God-centered imagination.

All are welcome!  So ComeAsYouR to Immanuel this Sunday.

pre-K thru adult Sunday School at 9:00 am

Worship Service at 10:30

1900 S Taft Hill Rd.  Fort Collins, CO 80526

Nursery Provided

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