Midpoint in The Prodigal God Series

We are approaching the midpoint of our Prodigal God series in worship and small groups. Many groups have now met 3 times discussing Chapters 1-4 of the Prodigal God book which go along with the messages from the past 3 Sundays.

This coming week we will focus on the phrase in Luke 15 verse 17, “When he came to his senses”. This message will dig into the nature of repentance and the process by which God leads us to this time of reflection and awareness of our need for him. This message does not coordinate with a chapter from the Prodigal God book but is one of two “Intermission” messages that will bracket spring break in the Fort Collins school system.

On Sunday March 21, we will take a closer look at the grace of the Father in verses 20 and 22-24. The following Sunday is Palm Sunday (March 28) and Pastor Zach will preach on the “True Elder Brother”, who is Jesus. That message will coincide with Chapter 5 from the Prodigal God book.

Chapters 6 and 7 should be read for your small group meeting following Easter Sunday (April 4), where our focus will be on the Feast of the Father. Easter Sunday will include our traditional Easter Breakfast, a Cele­bration of Holy Communion and also a welcoming of new members to the Immanuel Church Family.

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