Prodigal Son Music Videos

The theme of the father welcoming home his wayward son is one that has generated lots of songs. A couple of folks have sent me links to music related to this theme. One of them is Phillips, Craig, and Dean performing a song called When God Ran. It was originally recorded in the 80’s by Benny Hester. This song comes from Contemporary Christian Music and has the explicit references to the prodigal son parable.

The 2009 country song Hurry Home Jason Michael Carroll doesn’t have the explicit reference to the prodigal son parable, but the same themes of the story are there as well. It was originally written by Zane Williams and recorded in 2005. It’s about a father and a daughter (there’s a boyfriend too).

Please leave a comment with other prodigal son songs that you know.

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1 Response to Prodigal Son Music Videos

  1. muzacmercer says:

    I recently wrote a song about the Prodigal Son. This is my testimony of God’s amazing grace in my life. If you have a sec here it is. Thanks for listening

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