Reading “The Prodigal God”

I am a meticulous reader, Translate: painfully SLOW.  I know this and some times it holds me back.  I tend to read and contemplate every word.  I have heard a lot about the Tim Keller book “The Prodigal God” leading up to the teaching series at Immanuel Church so tonight I cracked it open.

About 3 hours later I set it down.  I actually read it in one sitting!  Something odd for me, but it was indeed compelling.  Younger Brother, Elder Brother, The True Elder Brother, The Feast and Community.  Please take the time to read and contemplate this teaching. 

See you Wednesday,



Fort Collins Real Estate Agent who speciallizes in Agency relationships. Education is very important in all aspects of our lives and I take joy in Educating buyers, sellers and investors in the ever changing local Real Estate market.
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