New Song For Come As You R

Here is a song that we will used at our Kick-off event for our exploration of the Prodigal God.
Wed. February 17, 2010 7 pm. 1900 S. Taft Hill Rd., Fort Collins
While you listen to the song note that the lyrics are below.

Come As You R

Don’t need to be clean
Don’t need to be pure
Don’t need to be perfect
The world has no cure

All who are broken
All who have scars
Come, o come
Come as you R

Every day we’re challenged
which road do we take
How can we account
for the choices we make
There is one who loves us
Whether near or far
The Father, Son, and Spirit
Come as you R


Jesus, friend to the outcast
and calls you by name
Breaks bread with sinners
all are welcome the same
He loves the tired
the weary and worn
Find your place at the Table
Come as you R

Come to the Table
Come to the Feast
The Father is longing
The Spirit is calling
All you need to do is
Come as you R

Do not copy without permission


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