Prodigal. Squandered. Lost.

These are the words we customarily associate with Jesus’ familiar parable.

But during our study of the Prodigal God we will add another set of words:

Profligate.  Stubborn.  Lavish.

The usual title to this story that Jesus told – the story of the Prodigal Son – tends to turn our focus too much towards the younger son, when, in fact, Jesus directed his parable at people who are more like the elder brother – people who resent the profligacy of the prodigal; people who stubbornly refuse to join the homecoming feast; people who are concerned only with the cost (and not the value) of the lavish love of the Father.  As we consider together the full story of Prodigal, may this other set of words become essential to your understanding of the gospel of grace that Jesus proclaims.

ComeAsYouR this spring to Immanuel Church’s study of the Prodigal God.

Come find your place in the whole story that Jesus told.

Come find your place at the table.

Zach Vandenberg

Associate Pastor,  Immanuel Church

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