The Prodigal God

Did you ever find something you loved so much you hoped it would never wear out? Jesus parable of a father and his two sons in Luke 15 is exactly that for me. It is a favorite parable to preach on and I have used it countless times in casual conversation and counseling. The essence of its message of grace touches me at the depth of my soul.

Tim Keller’s book, The Prodigal God, captures the essence of Jesus’ most memorable parable. Pastor Keller has this to say about the his book,

The Prodigal God is for both curious outsiders and established insiders of the faith as it is meant to lay out the essentials of the Christian message, the gospel. If the teaching of Jesus is likened to a lake, this famous parable would be one of the clearest spots where we can see all the way down to the bottom.

The appeal of the parable for me is that after 32 years of pastoring, it has never worn out. It is timeless! I never seem to tire of its message. Each time I read it I again find it to be inviting, yet convicting. It is like a pool, in which a child may wade and an elephant may swim. Rarely have I found something I treasure so deeply that I hope it never wears out. This parable is exactly that.

John Terpstra, pastor

Immanuel Christian Reformed Church

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